4 Things That Will Happen To You If You Involve Yourself In Pornography – Mike Bamiloye


Popular Gospel Actor and Evangelist, Mike Bamiloye in a recent post on his official Facebook page sends an important message to Believers on why they shouldn’t be involved in pornography. He then spoke about some things that will happen if you are involved in pornography and here are four of them:


1. Pornography breaks down spiritual self defence.

2. It destroys inner powers of self-control.

3. It opens spirit doors for immoral spirit to invade a man’s spirit and possess that man with immoral spirit of fornication and adultery.

4. It makes a person forgets who he is for a moment, as David momentarily forgot he was a great king of Israel, and the woman was the wife of his loyal soldier. It destroys moral judgement.

According to him, there are deceptive stories you must never click upon in the facebook or else, you would be drawn into seeing insulting immoral images you never planned for. Just like David, he took a closer look. He stayed longer looking and then began to see how beautiful Bathsheba was. That was all. Then, a series of calamities followed in rapid succession.


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