Number Of Times You Should Have Sex Per Week


Intimacy has multiple upsides, not just one. Intimacy on a regular basis has been related to less pounds gained, a reduced chance of breast and prostate cancer, a healthier heart, and a reduced risk of depression.

According to an article written by Medicalnewstoday, couples engage in intercourse activity at least twice weekly under normal conditions. There will always be other things to do, like job and family, but a person must constantly take time to succumb in to the temptation and appreciate their spouse.



Fertility doctors recommend engaging in intimate activity with one’s spouse at least twice weekly to relieve stress, satiate physical needs, and enhance emotional bonding. This window of opportunity won’t remain forever, so they should take advantage of it while they can.

If you’re both happy with the amount of physical contact you’re getting, it doesn’t matter how often it happens. According to research conducted at Canada’s York University, having intimate encounters twice weekly is also beneficial to one’s sense of well-being.

The pleasure of being in a relationship is not enhanced by having intercourse more than twice a week, although having intimacy relations more often does increase a couple’s overall happiness and sense of accomplishment.

Satisfaction in relationshi

ps was found to be lower for those in less personal relationships, but did not increase for those in more close relationships according to studies.

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