4 Powerful Numbers, If You Are Born In One Of The Numbers You Are Special.


4 Powerful Numbers, If you Are Born In One of The Numbers You Are special.

Many people could count numbers from number one to trillions and many people that could not count the number are able to count their naira notes and it’s all about numbers.

There are lucky numbers and there are some numbers that are unique, no wonders, many powerful people were born in similar numbers (date ).

One of the reasons we have special days.

1 The number one is one of the powerful numbers on earth, reason, everybody wants to be the number, anything first is unique, the number one citizen (President), Firstborn they are all unique as a human being. spiritually 1 am and 1 pm is a powerful time. If you can pray during that time bondage would be loose.

3 The number third is also a unique number and if you are the third born in a family you are special and 3 am and 3 pm is a powerful time spiritually if you can pray during that time you will be successful.

7 The number seven is a powerful number, If you are born in the 7th month of the year you have special power you have to detect if you haven’t and you are a special human being, You ever thought about how it’s almost time seven Hallelujah think about it. seven is the number of perfection, there are 7 oceans,7 continents.

21 The number twenty one is special and unique because of its combinations of number seven 7+7+7 Equal 21, can you imagine how powerful the number is, the reason many would either shout Hallelujah 21 times, it even pulls down the wall of Jericho in the Holy Bible


Every number have their own uniqueness, everybody is born a special person, there is always that hiding talents in every human being we just have to detect our talent and nurture it. we are all unique in God’s eyes.

If you have any numbers that are also unique state it on the comment box, do not forget to click likes and share.

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