6 Things Girls Do That Guys Love



When it comes to attracting guys, it’s commonly believed that physical appearance and clothing play a significant role. However, there are certain gestures that girls unconsciously or consciously do, which have the power to captivate guys beyond mere looks.

According to wikiHow, these subtle actions can make him fall head over heels for you. Let’s delve into the little things that catch his eye and make him adore you.

1. The charm of tying your hair and touching it

One cannot underestimate the appeal of a girl tying her hair into a messy bun or ponytail. Guys find this action cute and fascinating, as their gaze naturally gravitates towards your beautiful tresses. Randomly touching or playing with your hair, flipping it, or tucking it behind your ears also adds an adorable touch to your demeanor.



2. Running your fingers through his hair

Running your fingers through your guy’s hair can create an intimate moment that leaves him leaning into you, closing his eyes. While some men may be possessive about their hair, they often feel relaxed and cherished when the girl they like runs her fingers through their locks. Lightly massaging his scalp can enhance the experience and make him feel special.

3. Expressing with your lips

Facial expressions involving your lips, such as smiling, biting, or pursing, hold a sensuous appeal for guys. They find it captivating when girls use their lips to convey emotions and express themselves.

4. A soothing back or neck massage

After a long and exhausting day, everyone appreciates a relaxing massage, especially from someone they love. Guys enjoy the comforting touch of their girl’s soft hands on their bodies. Not only does it provide physical relief, but it also relaxes their minds and strengthens the bond between them.

5. The allure of blushing



When a girl blushes in response to flirting or teasing, guys find it incredibly endearing. The act of blushing showcases innocence and sensitivity, making men fall even harder. Observe your guy’s eyes as your blush, and you’ll witness the depth of his feelings through the emotions reflected in his gaze.

6. Passionate conversations

There’s an undeniable charm in seeing someone talk passionately about something they love. When you discuss a topic that ignites your excitement, your body language exudes energy, and your face radiates enthusiasm. Guys are drawn to this side of you, as your passion becomes a captivating feature. They admire your involvement and drive, finding it highly attractive.


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