Ladies: Ways To Prevent Getting Pregnant After Having Sex


By “pregnancy prevention,” we mean taking measures to avoid becoming pregnant following séxual activity. If you’re séxually active, knowing your options is vital, but abstinence is the only surefire strategy to prevent pregnancy. Pregnancy can be avoided with the use of birth control, but only if it is used correctly and regularly.

The following are some natural methods to avoid pregnancy after séxual activity, as outlined by Healthline:

In order to maximize your reproductive potential, you should:

1. Two times a day, you should check for mucus in the cervix.

2. Take your temperature first thing in the morning before getting out of bed and keep a log to see if it rises after you ovulate.

3. Don’t have s*x when your period first starts and don’t resume until your temperature has been up for three days.

4. Ginger can bring on your period and stop you from getting pregnant. Ginger tea, however simple, can be used as a treatment.

Reasons to Visit the Doctor

If you have had intercourse within the past several days, you can still use emergency contraception to avoid becoming pregnant. Emergency contraception is a form of birth control that can be used up to three days after séxual activity but is commonly referred to as “the morning after pill.” Counseling is best provided by medical professionals.

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