“I Have Never Seen A Woman Who Provides For The House That Is Humble-Pastor Ibiyeomie Speaks


The General Overseer of Salvation Ministries Pastor David Ibiyeomie on a live-streamed video Shared a message with the public.

While speaking on Part A message on the Sunday Worship service, the cleric reportedly stated that “I Have Never Seen A Woman Who Provides For The House That Is Humble. It is one out of one million. Her mouth that time will be , ‘Useless man, his mates are going to work, he is here depending on my salary. This is why God should prosper you. It is for both women too, if you are not doing anything you are also useless. Her husband will also say: ‘Everything! Lipstick, na me go give am. That is why God should prosper you because if there is nothing you are getting you are useless, true? That’s why God should bless you so you too can have your own small “shishi. You don’t have your voice if you are not prosperous.

Watch The Youtube Video Here.

Fast forward Youtube Video From 34 minutes 12 seconds.

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