Don’t date her if you notice any of these signs.


Dating is a stage of romantic relationships in humans whereby two people meet socially with the aim of each assessing the other’s suitability as a prospective partner in an intimate relationship.

Before a guy can think of dating a guy, there are some certain things you should take note of. If you notice some signs, which I’ll be discussing in this article, I’ll advise such a guy to desist from dating such a girl.

Below are some of these signs:

1. She is always talking about her former lover.

If she doesn’t love her former lover anymore, she won’t always talk about him, if you guys are together. It is a red flag for you not to date. I don’t think you will want the situation whereby, in the end, she later leaves you and went back to her former lover.

2. You can’t please her.

If you notice this sign in her, then you should never think of dating her. There is no how you’ll be able to enjoy a good relationship with such a girl. It is a red flag for you, just stay away from such girls.

3. She has poor taste in things.

I don’t think there is any guy that doesn’t like a girl who has taste for things. How can you date someone who doesn’t have a good taste in dressing, food, color, and so on? It is a bad thing for you.

4. She seems too easy.

Although there is no lady that is cheap there are some that are easy. If you notice she is the type that says yes to every man that comes her way, I won’t advise you to further with her. There is no how she can cope while in a relationship with you, I’m pretty much you might have a problem.

5. She drinks a lot.

This is a sign of immature and she is trying to show that she can’t control herself. A girl you want to date should have self-respect and be able to control herself and not the loose type.

6. Her mouth smells.

It is important you abstain from girls that will make you close your mouth whenever she talking. If as a lady, she can take care of her mouth, how can she take care of other parts of her body? Proper hygiene is important in a relationship.

7. She’s extremely clingy.

If you notice she is the type that is always emotional, always calling and texting you to know where you’re, I’ll advise you to avoid such girls. If she can’t decide or do anything on her if you’re not there, it is another thing entirely.

8. She doesn’t want to see you around girls.

Avoid girls that are too jealous, if she doesn’t hurt herself, she will surely end up hurting you. If you’re the type that your business involves female workers, I’ll advise not to marry girls for this nature.

This is my own view of point. If you have any tips you feel others should know about, please share as knowledge is infinite.

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