How Long Should A Man Stay Before He Discharges During Sex


When we talk about the duration of intercourse or the average time to discharge during intercourse, many people don’t understand. There is an average time before you discharge during intercourse but unfortunately, a lot of people can not have this reality probably because there is a high rate of erectile dysfunction in our society today.

The specific time a man should stay before he discharges during intercourse has become a controversial issue among men. However, in this article in line with a publication on “Womenshealthmag”, we shall be looking at the average time to discharge during intercourse.

According to medical professionals, it was found that about 500 couples use stopwatches to measure the time between intercourse and discharge over four weeks of intercourse sessions. However, the overall median time was 5.4 minutes. It is important to know that this is average time and it may sometimes vary with person. Moreover, anything below this time is not ideal and it is advisable to meet experts.

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