“I do understand she is at her wit’s end, but such statement isn’t true” – Kate Henshaw tackles Mr Ibu’s wife over AGN’s lack of support (Video)


Nollywood actress, Kate Henshaw on behalf of the Actors Guild of Nigeria has replied Stella Maris, the wife of veteran actor, John Okafor aka Mr Ibu over her false statement on the association.

Stella Maris, in a video shared by social media critic, VeryDarkMan, claimed that the statement released by the Guild was only to save their faces as it is completely untrue.

She revealed that she had neither gotten support from the union before her husband’s health challenge and all efforts to reach the Actors Guild proved abortive.

“I am not happy at all. AGN came to be talking about what they did not do. Why would they come out to say they’ve been supporting my husband from the start when they did not do anything? I called Emeka Rollers, he didn’t answer; I texted, he read the message and did not reply”, she said.

Now reacting to it, Kate Henshaw tackled her for lying as she stated that the Guild has been supportive of the actor since 2021.

She noted how Stella Maris is at her wit’s end, hence the statement, however, saying the Guild hasn’t been helpful to her husband is untrue.

“Good morning my attention has been drawn to a video circulating on social media as of last night made by Mr Ibu’s wife.

Let me state here categorically that this would be the last statement I would make on this issue.

The crock of the matter is that someone is ill, asking for help and the focus is on him to get better.

As of 2022/2021, when issues arose concerning his health, I wasn’t the public relations officer for the Actors Guild. My ejection into this post was this year.

Let me state categorically and vehemently that AGN has been of help to Mr Ibu.

I do understand that she is at her wit’s end, anybody would be, but to say AGN lied isn’t true”.

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