3 causes of death during Intercourse


According to Medicinenet, you must have heard several cases of people dying during intercourse but have you ever wondered why? Although there are incidents of death from intercourse, only 0.6% of sudden death cases are attributable to intercourse. Most of these people have cardiovascular insufficiency. Other causes of death during intercourse include:

1. Having intercourse after major surgeries

Many health experts have advised that it is important to gradually resume intercourse after major surgeries. This is especially crucial for patients who have recently undergone cardiac surgery or suffered a heart attack. Violating this can increase your risk of dying during intercourse.

2. Heart disease

This is another vital condition that can lead to death during intercourse. There are reports of patients with known heart diseases in whom intercourse has triggered a life-threatening arrhythmia (rapid, irregular heart rate). Hence, if you are a heart patient and having intercourse spurs a racing heart, shortness of breath, angina, or fatigue, you should try to seek medical help immediately.

3. Male organ fracture

This condition can also lead to death during intercourse especially when it is not quickly handled. Forcefully bending the hard-on male organ against resistance may result in male organ fracture. The pain may be short-lived, or it may continue. Blood can build up under the skin of the male organ (hematoma) and induce it to swell. Male organ fracture is a medical emergency, which if left untreated for 24 hours can induce permanent male organ dysfunction and urinary problems. All men should take this seriously.

Everyone should take note of these tips.

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