3 Common Foods That Helps To Improve The Thickness And Motility Of Sperm


One of the most crucial factors affecting fertility is sperm quality and thickness. The majority of men have poor sperm quality and quantity, which prevents them from giving their best performance in bed. However, the majority of them are not aware that certain diets may improve sperm quality and thickness.

According to Healthline, by eating foods that helps in increasing testosterone production, you can increase sperm count, motility, and quality. I’ll go over a few of the nutrients in this post that men should regularly consume to increase the quantity and quality of their sperm. Here is a list of them:

1. Eggs.

It goes without saying that eggs are a good strategy to increase sperm quantity and quality. After all, they include a significant amount of protein components in addition to Vitamin E and zinc. Additionally, sperm’s motility is improved and free radical damage is prevented by eggs. The nutrients in an egg work to create sperm that are more robust and healthy, which can increase fertility.

2. Nuts.

Omega-3 fatty acids, which are abundant in nuts, assist increase the thickness and viability of sperm. Nuts that are rich in good fats and protein include groundnuts, peanuts, cashew nuts, walnuts, tiger nuts, and almonds. Through increased blood flow to the testicles, they help to increase sperm volume.

3. Spinach (Ugu leaf).

Folic acid, which is necessary for healthy sperm development, is abundant in spinach, sometimes referred to as ‘Ugu leaf’ in Nigeria. Although there are several leafy green vegetables that are high in folic acid, spinach is the greatest option. Increased folic acid intake from spinach helps to reduce the number of abnormal sperm in the sperm, increasing the likelihood that the sperm will effectively penetrate the egg.

Eat more of these meals if you want to increase your virility as a guy and want to start a family. A man’s reproductive system depends on the thickness of his spermatozoa to increase the likelihood of pregnancy.

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