3 Reasons Why Women May Not Enjoy S£x


According to an article published by the health.clevelandclinic, 3 reasons why women may not enjoy S£x.



1. Stress

Your libido can suffer from stress, according to Dr. Batur. It makes sense that a roll in the sheets isn’t at the top of your must-do list if you’re feeling as though you’re being pushed in a million different directions or if a global pandemic has raised your stress level to 10.

“Ask yourself how vacation intercourse may be,” she says as advice. If your romantic life is great while you’re on vacation, stress is more likely to be the culprit than a medical problem. If you can find a method to unwind, your libido can increase.

2. Lack of lust

Sometimes a lack of intimacy drive is a mental issue. Many women have what’s known as responsive desire, which is the realization that sometimes you just have to go with the flow and wait for your brain to catch up. You might not be all that interested in initiating sex, but once you get into it, you realize this is true.

The saying “fake it ’til you make it” is occasionally ineffective. In the absence of any underlying issues, some women have a low s£x drive. Hypoactive sexual drive condition is what this is (HSDD). Female sexual interest/arousal dysfunction is another phrase that is frequently used. You may be given mood-enhancing drugs by your doctor.

3. Arousal and orgasmic issues

Start with a refresher course in intimacy if it simply doesn’t feel good. Many women believe that s£xual activity should be the apex of their climactic experience, however the majority of women actually require additional stimulation to experience orgasm.

Consider changing up your routine or including some toys. Many women carry vibrating devices into the bedroom. That game is completely shameless.

If it doesn’t work, there are other ways to raise arousal, including as using topical oils and creams, hormones, and prescription drugs.

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