3 Vegetables That Could Make You To Look Young And Reduce Wrinkles On Your Body


According to a publication of Healthline, one of the vegetables that could make you to look younger than your age and also reduce wrinkles on your body is watercress. Watercress contains water and full of antioxidants. It is rich in calcium, potassium, manganese, phosphorus and other important nutrients. The antioxidants in it can eliminate free radicals in your body therefore preventing wrinkles from appearing early.



Another vegetable that could make you to look young and prevent wrinkles from your face is spinach. Spinach contains nutrients such as vitamin A, iron, vitamin K and magnesium. The nutrients are important to keep the body refreshed and could also prevent wrinkles from your body.



According to WebMD, you should take Brussels sprouts in order to prevent wrinkles and also make you to look young. Studies revealed that they are rich in vitamin A, folate and vitamin C. They have components that can prevent against the ultraviolet rays of the sun which can cause wrinkles.

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