4 Causes Of Low Sperm Many Men Are Ignoring Everyday


A normal sperm count should have about 15 million sperms per 1 millilitre semen but someone with low sperm count or oligospermia has a lesser number. Men usually do not care about their sperm count until it becomes difficult to have a child of their own and medical tests may show that you have fewer than the normal number of sperms.

Even though there are natural causes, some habits which seem harmless and popular many men engage in could also cause this issue eg drugs or alcohol use and sitting for too long etc. You should desist from these habits for your own good. In this article, I’ll like enlighten you about causes of low sperm count many men ignore according to Mayo Clinic

1. Drug use

Even after several warnings, many men still use anabolic steriods to stimulate muscle strength which have been researched to make the testicles shrink and reduce the production of sperm. The use of marijuana and cocaine also reduces sperm quality.

2. Drinking alcohol

Drinking alcohol can lower your testosterone levels and cause decrease in sperm production. This is why you should take alcohol in moderation or not at all as a man dealing with low sperm count

3. Everyday habits

There are some everyday habits men engage in which takes a toll on their reproductive health. These habits includes wearing tight clothing, sitting for too long or using laptop computer for too long which increases the temperature of your scrotum and slightly reduces sperm production.

4. Unnecessary stress

Being overstressed especially due to infertility is not the way out of the problem, instead it will only worsen your condition by interfering with those hormones which are needed for production of sperms

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