4 Changes You May Notice If You Have Gonorrhea


Gonorrhea is one of the health conditions that is transferred from an infected person to another person on a daily basis but one problem that many people face is that some of them are not able to notice the signs of gonorrhea in their body until it’s has caused more damage to their health. According to an article written by webMD, you should try your best to go for a gonorrhea test once you begin to notice some of these signs in your body.

1. If you notice that you have a watery or creamy discharge from your private parts especially if you’re a woman, you should contact your doctor immediately because this is one of the early warning signs of gonorrhea that needs to be treated immediately before it causes damage to your body.

2. If you notice a burning sensation every time you urinate, you should make every effort to get a gonorrhea test. It shows that you may be suffering from gonorrhea or another serious health condition. So, you should talk to your doctor immediately.

3. Another way to know if you have gonorrhea is when you notice that you always feel the urge to urinate all the time. This is one of the early warning signs of gonorrhea that should not be taken for granted. So, you should visit your doctor immediately for a test.

4. A normal healthy person is not supposed to have testicular pain or swelling but if you notice these changes in your testicle, you should go for a medical test immediately in order to ascertain what exactly is wrong with you.

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