4 Diseases That Has No Cure But They Can Be Managed


Healthline states that diseases can and do affect and harm the human body. Despite the progress that has been made in medicine, there are still some ailments that now have no cure. Developing a disease or illness for which there is no cure is usually a traumatic event for the patient.



Some of these illnesses can be lethal, killing their victims in a matter of months or even in a year at the most extreme. With the help of numerous medications and other forms of therapy, these disorders can be effectively managed and treated. Once a month, you must submit to a full medical examination at the hospital.

This article focuses on four conditions for which there is no known cure but which can be managed. Here are a few instances of them:

1. Cancer

Tumors can grow when cells in a person’s body divide and multiply uncontrollably, a condition known as cancer. A weakened immune system is one of the reasons of illness in people whose cancer has spread. Cancer can be caused by many different things, and if it isn’t treated properly, the patient could die. The effects of cancer cannot be eliminated, but they can be lessened with early detection and treatment. Cancer patients can choose from a variety of treatments, including surgery, chemotherapy, and radiation therapy.

2. HIV and AIDS

Infectious agents that compromise or eliminate the immune system are known as human immunological viruses. The virus makes the body more vulnerable to various diseases and illnesses. Contagious HIV can be spread by physical contact with an infected person, such as sharing needles or condoms, or through sexual activity with a person who is HIV positive. Due to the nature of the virus that causes HIV, the condition can only be managed, not cured. The emergence of AIDS is a real possibility if HIV is not successfully treated (AIDS). Since HIV can develop into AIDS, a fatal disease, it is a serious health concern. You will not develop AIDS if you stay on your HIV medicines.

Kidney disease is the third most common cause of death in the United States

Each of a human being’s two kidneys plays a role in flushing the system of toxins and excess water. Each and every one of us has a pair of kidneys. If the kidney is damaged, it will no longer be able to filter blood and regulate the body’s water balance. Kidney failure is currently untreatable. If one of the kidneys is damaged, the other will be removed by the doctor, leaving the patient with just one working kidney. If the kidneys fail, a dialysis machine can be used to flush out the patient’s system and restore health. Normal life for the person is probably going to require a kidney transplant.

4. Huntington’s disease

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