4 Foods You Should Stop Eating Late At Night And The Effects They Have On Your Body


Late-night eating is something that a lot of people find themselves doing because they don’t have a choice in the matter. One of the most prevalent causes is that their employment prevents them from getting home until late at night, forcing them to have dinner when it is already late. Those in this predicament usually can’t afford the luxury of letting their stomachs settle after a big dinner before turning in for the night.

There are a variety of unfavorable health effects that can result from this, such as an increased risk of obesity, acid reflux, sleep disruption, and even indigestion in extreme cases. Even though most people know not to eat certain things for breakfast, a surprising percentage of them don’t realize that there are other items they shouldn’t eat late at night, especially in the hours before bed.

Therefore, this post will focus on four (4) things that you should avoid eating late at night, as recommended by healthline and WebMD, and the consequences such foods have on your body when consumed so late at night. Here’s what each dish consists of:

1. foods high in starch


Avoid starchy foods like potatoes, pasta, and rice if you’re planning on eating dinner late. The reason for this is because the body quickly converts the starch in foods into sugar, leading to a rapid increase in both blood sugar and insulin levels. It’s recommended that you don’t eat any starchy items during dinner. Because the body is at rest and does no work throughout the night, the sugar is not used for energy as it typically would be; instead, it is stored as fat, which can lead to obesity.

2. Foods with a hot pepper flavor

If you want to avoid the negative effects of eating spicy meals so late at night, you should try to satisfy your cravings earlier in the day. Spicy foods have the potential to cause heartburn, and they are especially dangerous if you go to sleep soon after eating them. Spicy foods have been shown to irritate the bladder, resulting in frequent nighttime awakenings to relieve yourself.

3. Simple carbohydrates

Cakes, pizzas, sodas, raw sugar, fruit juices, bread, and most morning cereals have a high glycemic index and should be avoided at night. This is due to the rapid digestion and absorption of such foods. Sleeping allows your body to rest and repair itself, so whatever sugar you take will be stored as fat.

4. Greasy foods

You should also avoid consuming fatty foods late at night due to the negative effects they may have on your health. Consuming them late at night is not recommended because they are hard to digest and may aggravate existing gastrointestinal disorders. Consuming too much fat can lead to health problems, as fatty meals are often heavy in trans fat, which is detrimental to your heart. Therefore, you should cut back on your intake of foods that are high in vegetable oil and palm oil.

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