4 Questions To Ask A New Partner Before Having S£x


The reality of having s£x with a new partner involves much more than just a passionate night of passionate s£x, unlike the movies, where we see spontaneous s£x with little to no consideration for before and after safety measures.

According to “VeryWellHealth,” You might anticipate and plan for s£x with a new partner, or it might just happen without any prior planning.

Regardless, if you think that’s where things might be going, it’s a good idea to get some answers from the other person beforehand so that you can feel more comfortable proceeding and safeguarding your health.

It is perfectly acceptable to be curious about the answers to these questions.

Although asking them may seem odd and bizarre, doing so is vital for both parties consent, safety, and ultimate enjoyment.

1. What kind of safety should we employ?

This is a second technique to inquire about their use of safer s£x. Consider the scenario of a one-night stand. You might want to emphasize the importance of using protection, particularly a condom that guards against the risk of STI and pregnancy for heterosexual s£x (contraceptives also).

The condom could also be used for lesbian s£x since it can act as a dental dam when you give your partner a cunnilingus. To accomplish this, trim the condom’s tip and split it in half so that it can spread out on the vagina.

2. When was the last time you had an STI or HIV test?

Asking about your potential partner’s HIV status is a smart first step. Although, because of the stigma attached to it, your partner might be wary. Try to persuade them that it will be in their mutual interest. You may want to reconsider having s£x with your planned partner or take the required safety precautions and use protection if they claim they have never been tested or can’t recall the last time they were.

3. Are you in favour of this?

When there is proven consent, s£x is better. You can get to an understanding by asking your spouse how far they would like to go and what they are and are not willing to try. Discuss freely how and to what extent you want to be satisfied by your spouse, and the opposite is also true.

4. Do you find yourself having fun?

Be aware enough to check in with your partner while having s£x to see whether they are feeling the same level of pleasure as you are. Check in with them sometimes to see if they are uncomfortable with what you are doing and to continuously repeat consent.

Asking these questions is not something to be ashamed of; it doesn’t make you “uncool” or lack adventure. Desiring safer s£x is fantastic because it demonstrates that you are thoughtful about your security and that you go out of your way to secure it.

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