4 Signs That Show You Can Easily Get Pregnant


Many infertile couples have been advised to have sex several times every day and this may tire the couples out. However, the most effective way is having copulation when the woman is most fertile. This period is called ovulation. It is the time when a woman’s ovary releases an egg waiting for sperm to fertilize it.


Some women do not know that they can track when they are ovulating. Having intercourse a few days before or after your ovulation is a very ideal. There are some natural ways your body tells you are at the most fertile period in your cycle which can be maximize. In this article, I’ll like to enlighten you about these signs according to Verywell Health

1. You will observe fertile cervical mucus


When a woman is approaching ovulation, she will start to see increased cervical mucus which looks is egg- white-like in consistency. This substance helps the sperm swim up into her reproductive system easily. It also makes copulation easier and more pleasurable. You should have more frequent intercourse when you have wet or egg-white-like mucus.

2. You may experience an increased urge to have intercourse


When a woman seems to be more interested in having sex, it may indicate ovulation. The woman might also look even sexier, the bone structure of her face shifts slightly and the woman becomes more curvy or desirable to her husband

3. Your basal temperature increases slightly


Basal temperature is your temperature while your body’s at rest which slightly increases immediately after ovulation. So checking your temperature every morning will help you track ovulation.

4. Your breast becomes tender


You may have observed that your breasts sometimes feel tender to touch. This occurs after ovulation due to the hormones the body produces. Even though this can be unpredictable, it can precisely tell you if you have ovulated or not

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