4 Signs You May Notice When You are About to Suffer Stroke


Stroke is another dangerous health concern that has continued to affect mankind. Over the years it has continued to be one of the leading causes of deaths around the world and it doesn’t have cure.



Stroke is known to have a lot of risk factor, some of which Includes obesity, diabetes, Alzheimer’s disease and other forms of serious health concerns.

Although it has a lot of risk factors, stroke has its warning signs which start to show in the body of most people when they are about to suffer from stroke.

Well in this article I am going to be talking about 4 signs you may notice when you are about to suffer stroke according to Clevelandclinic

1. Sudden weakness in the arms and feet

Stroke is a serious health concern, this is why most of the signs that comes with it are often very serious. Studies show that most victims of stroke are bond to have signs such as weakness in the arms and feet, this is because of lack of blood in those areas.

2. Sudden confusion

Another known sign of stroke is that some of its victims have sudden confusion, some of these sudden confusions could include difficulty hearing and other understanding ability.

3. Severe headaches

Headaches are common things that people face but when it becomes severe and more rampant, it is believed to be caused as a result of stroke.

4. Trouble seeing

Generally stroke has an effect on the brain health of the body. This is why most of its signs revolve around the victim either having issues seeing or even hearing in one or both parts.

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