4 Things Men Should Do Every day To Increase Fertility


Every male is expected to produce millions of sperm every day after puberty. However, not all are healthy and fertile enough to fertilize eggs produced by the female. Men who produce infertile or unhealthy spermatozoa might be unable to impregnate a woman. As a man, you shouldn’t wait until you’re unable to have a child before looking for ways to make yourself healthier.

There are simple steps every male should take daily to produce more healthy spermatozoa cells. So if you’re asking, how can I increase the chances of increased fertility? Read this article to the end as I’ll like to educate you on everyday habits to get healthy sperm according to Mayo Clinic.

1. Your weight matters. Many men are not aware that their weight affects their reproductive health. Men who are obese tend to have decreased sperm count and movement. You should watch your weight every day

2. Eat well. Men who choose to eat plenty of fruits and vegetables supply their body with lots of antioxidants which helps to improve reproductive health. As a man, you should eat fewer unhealthy foods which decrease fertility

3. Stay away from STIs. Sexually transmitted infections like gonorrhoea and syphilis are common causes of infertility in men. As a man, you should make it a daily priority to avoid STIs by using protection and limiting the number of sexual partners.

4. Stay cool. You must always stay cool as a man because there’s a decrease in sperm production when the temperature in the scrotal increases. Wear loose-fitting underwear, don’t sit in a place for a long time, don’t place laptops on your laps for a long time and avoid hot tubs or saunas

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