5 Benefits Of Keeping A Side Chick


For some men, not having a side chick is like having a main dish without the dessert, as That Sharp Naija Guy, the meat is strong enough to accommodate the whole community, let alone two chicks.

side chick

Below are some of the reasons why a sharp naija guy needs a rich side chick, come rain, come sun.

Maximum Enjoyment, Little Stress

One of the advantages of having a side chick is that you get all the benefits with little drama. She doesn’t nag, doesn’t ask where you are or who you are with. You don’t have to remember birthdays or anniversaries. It’s purely physical. You have sex and then you get to go home to your wife after.

More Reward, Less Resources

You do not have to spend on the side chick. You already have bills to pay at home, plus some money for your wife to buy clothes, do her hair etc. You do not have any money to be wasting anywhere else. The side chick doesn’t really need anything financially, all she wants from you is companionship and great sex.

Fulfilling The Fantasy

Having a side chick is more about the thrill and nothing else. You get to do the crazy stuffs with the side babe, stuffs the main chick won’t dare think of. The side chick can allow threesome, 6’9, some can even organise some of their friends for you. The more, the merrier

Emotional absorber

Sometimes, the only thing you want to do to lay your head on a big brown breast, listen to some jazz and sleep off. The side chick provides that succour even when you feel the world is against you.

Support system

Having a side chick is cool, but a rich side with a bit of emotional uncertainty is a goldmine. With a generous side chick, financial difficulty will run far from you, because all you need is to talk, and the babe will break the bank.

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