5 Honest Reasons why some Nigerian Girls Are still single


While a great deal of females are gladly in love and a many more are happily engaged and getting married most weekends, there’s a host of other people who find this difficult are remain solo to stupor.

Just how do people meet and show up in love is exactly what they keep requesting.., How do they get blessed? Well, below are a few brutally honest explanations why some Nigerian girls are still solo.

1. You Don’t Behave Like A Proper Lady Should: There are so a lot of women around who’ve a awful/bad/stuck up frame of mind. They cover it up sometimes by declaring to be too much temperature for whatever man comes their way. It’s mainly a 50/50 thing; sometimes it is possible to maintain the facade and other times it blows to smithereens in that person. That is a brutally honest reason they are solitary.

2. You Think Your Beauty Is All There Is: In every situation you are faced with, you believe that your looks would see you through. Truth is if a man talks with you and figures you have nothing else to offer why would he want to make you his woman?

He will still want s3x but that’s it…you would just be a commodity for him to use, admire, and cast away when he’s done.

3. You Are A Gold Digger: Maybe not at this level but what he makes has become your utmost goal. You are so caught up in the money that you overlook the important facets of every relationship. A rich guy who realizes that that’s all you’re about would eventually ignore you.

4. You Think Men Are The Reason For All Your Problems: You remain single because you refuse to make yourself accountable for your actions. All your problems stem from the male populace and you feel all would be well the moment they start to tow the imaginary line you have drawn. You would behave well if the man behaves well.

While I agree that a lot of men need to step up, to often it is a case of a lady feeling more entitled than she should normally feel. This expectancy would need to a relentless series of nagging and yammering.

5. You Don’t Maintain Yourself; While you must not do your nails every week, it is an honest fact that some ladies fail miserably in this regard of taking care of themselves.

Some of you ladies put no effort into your looks and overall hygiene which is really bad.

Thank you for reading.

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