5 Mistakes to Avoid When Choosing a Life Partner as a Man or Woman.


Marriage is a lifetime commitment with someone you probably love and would want to spend the rest of your life with, that is the more reason it should be entered into with care and much consideration.

Studies have shown that most married people are battling depression, regrets and other negative conditions because of the mistakes they made while choosing a partner. Before deciding to get married, there are several things you should put into consideration which include, your partner’s philosophy, religion, genotype, perception about parenting and just to mention but a few. Failure to consider these measures might amount to several mistakes in the marriage.

Regarding this article, we shall consider 5 mistakes to avoid when choosing a life partner. See them below.

1. Marrying for the sake of mere beauty or bodily attraction.

It isn’t wrong to marry a beautiful person or someone that has a good sense of attractiveness, but the idea of making this your sole purpose of getting married might amount to regrets later in the marriage. Apart from having a great physique, other important qualities are needed to make the marriage work, and ignoring these qualities for the sake of beauty might lead to a dysfunctional marriage.

2. Marrying to impress friends and family members.

The idea of marrying someone to please your friends or family members and disregarding your interest might hamper your inner satisfaction later in the marriage. There is nothing wrong with marrying someone your parents love or your friends wish for you, but the question you should ask yourself is – can you leave with the person in marriage? Marrying to impress others to your detriment is a wrong idea for choosing a partner.

3. Marrying without verifying the compatibility of your genotype.

Blood group and genotype differ, that is the more reason you should check for your compatibility of yours with the person you want to marry. Ignoring this process might negatively affect the health of your children, most especially when your genotype and that of your partner do not match.

4. Marrying for money or wealth.

I am not saying it is wrong to marry a wealthy person, but marrying solely for this reason and without any atom of love and commitment might amount to regret later in the marriage.

5. Marrying someone who isn’t in support of your dreams or goals.

Marriage becomes exciting and fulfilling when your partner is in support of your dreams, goals, career or aspirations, but being married to someone who doesn’t support your dreams nor wants you to pursue them can lead to frustration, depression and loss of enthusiasm. Before you decide to settle down with a person, first ascertain their opinion and interest in your dreams in other not to have a course to regret later in the marriage.

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