5 Reasons why oyibo women love Nigerian men


1. They are adventurous: 

Nigerian men are gifted with thick skin that can cope in any situation that life throws at them. Rain or shine. This particular quality wins them the admiration of oyibo women.


2. They are very good in bed: 

This one quality stands out from the others. Nigerian men are popular for their dexterity in “za oza room”. They ability to satisfy a woman knows no bounds. This is one of what oyibo women looks for forward to, while picking a man of their choice.


3. Good sense of humour: 

Nigerians are particularly gifted in this area. They can come up with jokes that will leaving you tearing up in laughter. Oh lala! Try a Nigerian man and his jokes, and you’ll see what I mean.


4. Good cooks: 

Oh my! You don’t want to miss the sumptuous delicacies of Nigerian men. The few that can cook among them are very very good at it. Trust me. Oyibo women want someone that take care of them like a queen. They want absolute comfort and breakfast in bed.

5. They are caring:

Nigerian men are doting to the women they love. They are so caring and can go any length to please the women in their lives.

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