5 secret that most women keep on hiding from men


As true as it is that everyone has secrets, there are times when it’s preferable to keep them to oneself. A partnership, however, is not the place for keeping secrets.

In the same way that males keep some things to themselves, women do the same.

Even crazier or “dirtier” people could be among them.

Women keep the following “dirty” secrets from their male partners:

One, it’s sensual and appealing because of the jealousy.

It’s not uncommon for women to purposefully incite jealousy in their relationships to show their male counterparts that they have rivals and that winning their affections won’t be simple. It’s common knowledge that guys who are aware of the difficulty of winning a woman’s affection are all the more determined to succeed.

Second, the key to successful epilation.

Because of their secrecy, some guys have no idea how to epilate a woman. It might be challenging to wax, especially in private regions. It’s difficult to avoid getting burned when pouring hot wax into the genitalia.

Perhaps this is why males frequently question the origin of females.

(3) Romantic passion during the time of year.

It’s commonly held that males have more vivid imaginations than women do, but this is only because women don’t share their thoughts with their partners during sexual encounters. However, they are thinking a lot of unclean thoughts.

4. a pocket for men.

Sometimes, contrary to what men may believe, women are not interested in learning about a man’s financial condition. Women, in general, prefer not to rely solely on the men in their lives.

5. Attending gatherings on a consistent basis.

Women are stereotyped as being uncomfortable discussing romantic topics on a first date. False. Women are more interested in finding out early on if they can have sexual satisfaction with a man.

To a woman, it is imperative to know everything there is to know about the man she is seeing.

Such information can include his sexual preferences or his history of romantic relationships.

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