5 signs of a bad girlfriend


We all want the perfect relationship. However, we can’t always get what we want. You may think you’ve finally found the one with a new girlfriend, but don’t be surprised if you see these red flags. While it will hurt for awhile, your patience will pay off in the long run.


A toxic woman is simple to identify. The good news is that you have options. She is constantly the center of her own universe. She is selfishly directing talks, making demands, and directing everything else to favor only herself; this is your cue that she is selfish and would rarely be considerate of your needs.

2. super envious

Only to a certain point is jealousy beneficial. She’s not doing it right if she’s already going beyond the bounds of what’s reasonable. Before you get too far into it, maybe it’s time to leave?

3. Is unwilling to acknowledge your feelings

You shouldn’t have a partner who downplays or refuses to acknowledge your sentiments and emotions.

It is the nature of lovers to relate to one another’s emotions, to comprehend how the other feels about particular emotional issues and the motivations behind their actions.

If she’s playing with your emotions, that should serve as your first indication of her incompetence.

4. She cautions against bothering about too many things.

The sharing of secrets and open communication form the cornerstone of any successful partnership. She should be willing to start out on a good note with you, opening up to you about her concerns, insecurities, and soul in order to establish a connection with you over these things. My friend, maybe she’s not the one if she chooses to keep each and every one of these things away from you.

5. Too attached

Early on in a relationship, partners will always want to be with one another, spend time together, rub off on one another, and obtain as much of each other as they can, but there should still be some individuality to each of you.

If she exhibits signs like this, the relationship should have a lot of problems down the road and if she starts to act in a way that makes it clear that she can’t do anything without you. Better to handle it immediately.

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