5 Things Women Only Do When They Have Feelings For You.


One of the very beautiful ways to communicate with your partner is what you do for yourselves. I call this a loving gesture. It has to be mutual. That way you would both know that you’re both in love with each other, not that one love is greater than the other.

My main focus is what women would do when they have feelings for you. Any woman who is developing feelings for you would be vulnerable, she would be helpless, she wouldn’t know how to keep that feeling and so she would prefer to channel those feelings she’s having for you into actions. As it was said that actions speak louder than words.

And so in this article, I’ll be showing us 5 things only women can do when they have feelings for you.

1. She Would Make Time For You.

This is like the first thing she would be willing to do with you when she starts to have feelings for you. This is one of their main gestures just to show that they have feelings for you. They see this as the best way to communicate their feelings. As a sharp guy that you’re, once you notice this, act fast, I’m sure you don’t want to lose a man like that.

2. She Would Want To Be Seen In Public With You Almost All The Time.

This is also their other way of so many ways of communicating their feelings to the one they have feelings for. They feel when you begin to see them often and you’re getting compliments from people, saying you both look good together you might begin to think about seeing you two to get. That way her chances are plus one.

3. She Would Bring You Food.

Here is another sweet gesture she would be willing to do for you when she begins to have feelings for you.

4. She Would Tell Her Friends About You.

This is like a common gesture you’ll get from someone who is already having feelings for you. You would willingly go out of your ways to cook for the man you have feelings for even when he doesn’t ask you for a meal.

5. She Would Introduce You To Her Intimate Friends.

Here is another beautiful thing she would be willing to do and it might come as a surprise for you. So when you notice this don’t be surprised bro. Be smart about your intention. If you want her let her know on time. Olbecause it only takes a beautiful heart to introduce you to people important in her life.
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