5 Things You Shouldn’t Tell A Man You Just Start Dating


Please note that there are several things you should never tell a man when you first meet him or begin dating him, no matter how much he may profess to love you or how much you pretend to love him. This isn’t a sign that you don’t care about him very much; rather, it just means that you can only tell him these things after possibly spending a lot of time with him.

These precautions are being taken for your own safety and protection because you never know when he might take advantage of you and dump you; he could decide to do so today or tomorrow. Furthermore, if you tell him certain things in a hurry, he might turn around and use them against you later.

Therefore, you must be certain that you can trust him before telling him some of the things I’ll outline in this post.



You should hold off on telling him how many men you’ve dated in the past. Don’t rush to tell him how many there are; you’ll still have to tell him someday.

Tell him that he is not your first man, regardless of how many there are, so that he won’t mistake you for a whore.


Also, don’t rush into telling him about private family matters or events that happened in your family.

When you get married or a few weeks before your wedding, you can only tell him some of those things—not all of them.


Thirdly, you shouldn’t immediately tell him what he is doing that you do not like. If you tell him right away, it can scare him off and he might start keeping things from you.

You must tell him when he has earned your trust, and you will do it while remaining cool in an effort to correct him.



Additionally, you shouldn’t rush to inform him what other people are saying about him, particularly negative things.

When you are certain that he won’t go meet them and start a fight with them, you can only tell him a small amount of information.


In order to avoid frightening him away, you should avoid making the error of telling him about your negative traits or dark sides right early.

One day you will tell him, but not until you are certain that he can handle your dark side because everyone has one.

Don’t be hasty to inform him all the time; you’ll know when the time is right because it’s for your own benefit.

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