5 Types Of Foods You Consume That Could Slowly Damage Your Kidneys Over Time When Consumed In Excess


Your diet has an impact on your kidney health, particularly if you have renal disease.

Your kidneys carry out numerous crucial functions. For instance, they assist manage your blood pressure and balance the fluid content in your body. Additionally, your kidneys cleanse your blood of minerals and protein. As a result of your kidneys’ ineffective blood filtration, your body accumulates protein and minerals.

According to Medicalnewstoday & Healthline, here are 5 foods that slowly damage your kidney over time:

1. Salt

A high-sodium meal will affect the sodium balance in the body, reducing kidney function and decreasing water excretion, raising blood pressure. The kidneys are strained as a result, which may cause kidney disease.

Additionally, it has been demonstrated that a high salt intake raises the level of protein in the urine, a significant risk factor for a deterioration in kidney function. A high salt intake may accelerate renal disease progression in patients who already have kidney issues, according to growing body of research.

The Centers for Disease Control and Prevention estimate that processed foods and restaurant meals account for 75% of people’s daily salt intake.

2. Sodas

The American Kidney Fund reports that a recent study indicates that consuming two or more carbonated sodas per day, whether regular or diet, may raise your chance of developing chronic kidney disease. Energy drinks and carbonated beverages both contribute to kidney stone development.

3. Red meat and dairy products

Because animal proteins can be particularly difficult to process, eating a lot of meat and dairy products can harm your kidneys. The kidneys are overworked as a result and struggle to rid the body of waste. A high-protein diet could aggravate renal issues already present. Additionally, research indicates that switching to a plant-based diet from an animal-based one has numerous health benefits. Phytonutrient powerhouses, colorful meals can ward off chronic illness.

4. Caffeine

Your kidneys may also be put under stress by the caffeine present in foods, beverages, tea, coffee, and soda. As a stimulant, caffeine can raise blood pressure, increase blood flow, and put extra strain on the kidneys. Kidney stones and excessive coffee consumption have both been connected.

5. Butter

Saturated fat, which is present in butter, raises your chance of developing heart disease. According to the National Renal Foundation, kidney illness and heart disease are both substantial risk factors for one another. Reduce your consumption of saturated fat and your risk of renal and heart disease by using less butter, lard, and shortening.

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