6 signs you are in love with the wrong person


In a relationship, you might have dating doubts about whether your partner is the right or wrong person.

If you are experiencing any of the following issues, you could be investing time in the wrong person.

1. You do not feel like you can be yourself

Your friends tell you, you have changed. You are always watching what you say or how you act because your partner tends to get on your case or has been critical of you in the past.

You just never feel completely relaxed around them, even after dating for a good amount of months.



If you can’t be who you truly are with your significant other, it’s time to think hard about what you are doing in a situation like this and why. No one is worth this much sacrifice.

2. You are unhappy

While it is true that your partner is responsible for your happiness, they should certainly make your days a little brighter.

Someone who is dating the right person consistently enjoys the relationship and feels a general sense of happiness. If you find yourself unhappy most of the time and especially when you are with them, then this may be a sign that this is not the best person for you.



3. They exhaust you

Instead of feeling energised after hanging out with your partner, you feel emotionally drained most of the time. They seem to always have something to complain about, or just have a negative outlook on life.

Either way, the person you choose to spend your life with should lift you rather than drag you down and it should not feel like “work” most of the time.

4. The friend factor

If you are with someone and do not want to introduce them to your friends, this is not a good sign. If you are with someone and they never bring you around their friends, it’s another sign.

If your most trusted friends are expressing concern about your relationship, take heart. These people may be able to see things more objectively than you, so it is important to be open and hear what they have to say.

5. You never envision the future together

After a certain amount of time together, it is normal to start thinking about what the future might be like as a couple. If you have been with your partner for a while and just don’t see how it would ever work together down the line, it might be a good idea to evaluate why you are with this person and what you are looking for.

6. You do not feel good about yourself

In addition to feeling happy, a person in a good relationship usually has positive self-esteem. Sure, they will have some doubts and insecurities, but the time they spend with their partner will make them feel better about themselves, not worse.

In contrast, if your partner exacerbates your self-doubts and undermines your confidence, it is time to stand up for yourself.

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