6 Things You Should Never Do While Having S£x


It feels amazing that not everyone has a clear idea of how to have intimacy. Having said that, below are a few typical mistakes you must avoid. According to an article published by the Healthline, 6 Things you should never do while having s£x.



1. No kissing

Believe it or not, a lot of people don’t kiss their spouse during intimacy, and this includes a lot of women. Why? Perhaps because of the way they are positioned or because they are anxious for the climax and fear that it will disrupt the rhythm. However, it is strongly advised that you try to kiss your spouse throughout the deed; it will only enhance the sensation.

2. Biting prior to your partner being prepared

Even while many people prefer an aggressive partner, biting any portion of their body prior to arousal may cause pain and discomfort (and even reduce the likelihood of any further action) or simply scare them away. Therefore, before you bite your partner’s ear, shoulders, neck, or any other region of their body, make sure they are very stimulated.

3. Focusing only on s£xualized parts

Genitals are fantastic, without a doubt, but you should also focus for a while on your partner’s entire body. The knees, wrists, back, and stomach are all highly erogenous areas for both intercourse. It will help to further arouse your spouse, which will increase the likelihood that they will pleasurably touch you in return.

4. Pressing against your partner

Regardless of gender! Every now and again, it’s acceptable to let yourself get carried away with your partner. However, you have to be careful not to put your weight directly on them when you’re lying on top of them. Any prospect of taking positive action will be destroyed by choking them or preventing them from breathing.

5. Treating intimacy like porn

Even though some couples like having vulgar intimacy, it’s best to discuss this with your partner first. It’s unlikely that the situation will end happily if you start being mean to your partner before you know if they like it.

6. Comparing a lover with an ex

There is no worse turnoff during sex than comparing a partner to an ex. No matter how fantastic your relationship with an ex-partner may have been in the bedroom, talking about it will not make things better.

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