7 Important Reasons Why You Should Never Date A Married Woman


She doesn’t want you.

They’ll play with you and ignore her. She has children and a wonderful husband. Her supporter.


You may damage a home. Maintaining an affair with a married woman reduces her time and affection for marital vows, compromising her home commitment.

Angry Husband

Wife infidelity hurts men the most. Few men would take that lightly. He may do everything to avenge his ego. If she seduced you, it wouldn’t matter.

Fault-based dissatisfaction.

You’re comfortable dating a curvy woman. As a man, treating your wife like that won’t delight you. She’ll leave if you’re furious. Why date someone’s lover if you won’t let your wife?

She won’t improve you.

These women are dating. Thus, dating her will resemble your life. She can’t plan anything progressive, so you won’t grow.


This married woman will spend less time with you because she supports a family. She’s unavailable since she sets her own timetable. It destroys your love life and makes you lonely.


Pay attention. When things go wrong, you’ll never be happy. Thus, loving a married woman is short-lived and always tragic.

He won’t marry you. You can enchant a man in a bad marriage. He may even say, “I’ve never felt this way and I can envision spending the rest of my life with you.” This sounds like a promise to you. No. Don’t mix his loving how you make him feel with loving you and committing to you.

Cheating on his wife shows how he handles unpleasant situations. You prove he avoids conflict. If you have relationship issues, he may deceive you.

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