7 Things God Does Not Want You To Do While Praying

  1. Do not pray with a selfish or negative attitude – Praying with a focus on one’s own wants and desires rather than seeking God’s will goes against the spirit of prayer and can hinder a genuine connection with the divine.
  2. Do not pray with impure thoughts or actions – Praying while engaging in behavior that is sinful or morally wrong can detract from the sincerity and purity of prayer and damage one’s relationship with God.
  3. Do not pray while holding grudges or harboring anger towards others – Holding grudges or feeling anger towards others can cloud one’s mind and heart, making it harder to focus on prayer and making a genuine connection with God.
  4. Do not pray in a distracted or inattentive state of mind – Distracted or inattentive prayer can hinder a deeper connection with God, as it is important to be fully present and focused during this time of communication and reflection.
  5. Do not pray with the intention of boasting or showing off to others – Boasting or showing off during prayer can detract from the humility and selflessness that is meant to be at the heart of this practice, and instead make it about personal glory or reputation.
  6. Do not pray with a lack of faith or doubt in God’s power and love – Praying without faith or with doubt in God’s love and power can hinder a connection with the divine, as belief and trust are essential to meaningful and effective prayer.
  7. Do not use prayer as an opportunity to vent frustration or complaints – While it is important to bring one’s concerns and struggles to God in prayer, it should not be used as an opportunity to simply vent frustration or complaints without seeking to understand and submit to God’s will.

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