8 habits that can cause people to lose respect for you.


We all desire to be given our due where respect is concerned. However, respect is reciprocal. Respect is earned. Respect is only given to those who deserve it and how you behave plays an important role in determining whether you will be respected or scorned. Below are eight habits that will cause people to disrespect you.

Always being late

The era of African time is fast coming to an end. People are using their time more wisely. Showing up late to an event or meeting just shows that you do not value your time or other people’s time. If you are going to be late, the other party should be duly informed else you may be taken for a jerk.

Always being self-centered

Have you ever been in a conversation where the person was just going on and on about themselves? This behaviour shows that you only think about yourself. At the very least, let other people speak too. Everything must not bemefit only you. Learn to leave room for others too.

Always borrowing and not paying back

Many people are sensitive about money and the way to get insulted very fast is to borrow money and not pay back or to not pay back when you said you would. To this end, try making your own money and cutting your cloth according to your means. If you must borrow, try to pay back on time. If you cannot pay back on time, try explaining this to the person you got the money from instead of refusing to pick your calls and dodging the person.

Always jumping into conversations you are not invited to 

Who doesn’t dislike the busy bodies and nosy pokers? If people are discussing, it is wrong to just jump in and start talking especially when you are doing it over another person’s voice. If you found the conversation interesting and want to join in, join as a listener first. This will allow other people to see you as part of the discussion and so that you can be familiar with the points raises before you start talking.

Not doing what you said you will do

This habit will make people to distrust you and not take you for your word. Let your yes be yes and yoir no be no. If you told people that you are going to do something, try to do it.

Not keeping abreast with things going on around you 

Now, it is not everything that concerns you. If you are not a celebrity blogger, you have no business with all the celebrity gossip. Some people only know something when it is gossip. Ask them why Russia and Ukraine are fighting and they will know nothing. This person should not be you. Even if you are nor really intelligent, don’t be known as the ‘olodo’.

Not keeping secrets you are entrusted with 

If someone tells you something personal, it should noy turn to fodder for gossip or pillow talk. Try to respect the person’s privacy by keeping that information to yourself. Don’t even tell your best friend and ask her to keep it secret. The secrecy should begin with you. What if you divulge someone’s secret and the person you are telling uses it against him\her?

Not respecting people’s religion and culture

If you are a christian and you have your doubts about other religions, it is not in your place to condemn. Courtesy demands that your mouth stays shut especially because it could be the difference between life and death.

You don’t like amala? Don’t call it trash. That’s a tribal favorite and all the millions of people who like it are not fools. Try to be tolerant of these things.

As someone who wants to be respected, how you comport yourself and act makes all the difference.

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