8 Things Most Men Will Do If They Secretly Have A Crush On A Woman


1. A man may pretend like they don’t care about you

Sometimes men may pretend not to like you probably due to fear of you rejecting them. They may also feel intimidated and not see themselves as people of your league and thus pretend to totally not care when they actually do.

A man may also do these when they are ni sure whether or not you have someone. This is an effort most men will make so that the woman makes the first move on them. You can know a man is pretending not to like you when they don’t chase after you but are always ready to help you when you need them. They will sometimes even feel jealous and you will know it.


2. Act very cold on most occasions


When a man is secretly in love with you, they may act very cold. They will always behave like they have nothing going on within them or around them concerning you. They will behave as if they don’t know anything and aren’t even aware of anything. This is always an effort to try and suppress his feelings for you and bring himself under control. They will always seem to be emotionally unavailable for you. Sometimes this coldness could be inspired by feelings of not being enough for you.

3. Look for opportunities to talk and be around you


This is very common if the man is one that is very cheerful type. They will always want to talk to you and look for every opportunity to be around you. They will always say so much when around you and with you even if they cannot openly admit their love for you. When a man has feelings for you, this will sometimes be very common.

4. Will immediately begin to stock you


Have you met a man and immediately after the encounter you see his friend request on Facebook and other pages. That could mean that the man has been trying to find more about you. The man will want to know what you post and try to dig out everything they can find about you. It’s only a man who has secret for you who will begin stocking you wherever they can find you. They will even begin asking your friends more about you.

5. When in a group setting, his focus will always be on you


A man will always look at the woman he has a crush on especially in a group setting. He will be throwing glances at you every now and then because he is attracted to you.

Whether it’s a man or a woman, it will be very easy to know especially when in a group setting whether a person is secretly interested in you. When a joke is made, the first person they will look at it you.

6. He is concerned about little things that make you happy

There are little things that matter that make relationships interesting. A man that secretly loves you will be aware of this little things that matter to you and eve use them for his own advantage. He knows your favourite tv show, he will remember your favourite flavor of ice cream and other little things. This means that the man is so much interested in you.

7. He opens up to you


A man that is into you will open up on various matters even though he may not directly tell you that he loves you. They will also expect you to open up on other matters. The man is likely to open up on his fears and insecurities because he trusts you.


8. He is always ready to listen to your problems


Since the man feels emotionally connected to you, they will always be willing to listen to your cries and your problems. Any man that loves you will always want to listen to you and that is what happens to a man that secretly loves you.

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