9 Signs You Are Dating A Good Man


1. He is kind and considerate.

A good man will always go out of his way to make sure you are happy and comfortable. He will be thoughtful and attentive, and he will always put your needs before his own.

2. He is a good listener.

A good man will always take the time to listen to what you have to say, and he will be genuinely interested in your thoughts and feelings. He will never dismiss your opinions or make you feel like you are not important.

3. He is supportive and encouraging.

A good man will always be there to support you and encourage you in your goals and aspirations. He will never hold you back or discourage you from pursuing your dreams.

4. He is respectful and considerate.

A good man will always treat you with respect and consideration. He will never belittle or demean you, and he will always be mindful of your feelings.

5. He is responsible and reliable.

A good man will always be dependable and responsible, and he will always follow through on his promises. He will be there for you when you need him and will never flake out on plans.

6. He is respectful of your boundaries.

A good man will always respect your boundaries and will never try to control or manipulate you. He will understand that you have your own life and will respect your independence.

7. He is honest about his feelings.

A good man will always be open and honest about his feelings and will never play games or hide his true feelings from you. He will be upfront and direct, and he will always be willing to talk about his feelings with you.

8. He is selfless and generous.

A good man will always put others first and will be selfless and generous with his time and resources. He will be happy to help you and others in need, and will never be motivated by selfishness.

9. He is open to growth and change.

A good man will always be open to growth and change and will be willing to work on himself to improve himself. He will be open to feedback and will always be working on improving himself and the relationship.

A good man is someone who is honest, kind, considerate, supportive, respectful, reliable, responsible, open, selfless and open to growth and change. It’s important to recognize these qualities in a man and to hold out for someone who embodies them. Remember, a good man is worth waiting for, and a healthy, happy relationship is worth the effort.

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