A man may like you but refuse to date you for these 12 reasons


Did you know that there are lots of men who may like a girl but will ever date or marry her? There are things she may be doing that scare them away. In the post, you are going to learn 12 of these things, and knowing this will help you prevent them.

Without wasting much of your time, here are 12 good reasons a guy may like you but refuse to date you.

1#. If you are always tell him about your needs and problems.

When you are always telling a guy about your needs and problem, he might get the feeling that you will be a liability to him. No guys want a liability so he might not get to ask you out even when he likes you. Make a guy feel that you are useful to him and also a great asset. He won’t hesitate to ask you out.

#2. When you hang around with gossips and lousy, toxic friends

Show me your friend and I will tell you who you are. This saying is true and many people have held on to it. Even if you are not gossip lousy or toxic person, he can’t help but to consider one.

Guys hate to hang out gossips, lousy and toxic girls, he may not want to have anything to do with you if you fall under this category.

#3. If you always dress like his mother (above your age)

Some girls dress like those who have 4 children already. Some always tie wrap, some dress like the “mary amaka” type. Most girls don’t know how to dress properly and this will make guys lose interest in you. You don’t have to get expensive clothes and jewelry to look good. You just need to a basic knowledge fashion.

#4. If you are disrespectful and bad with words

If you are bad with words, easily insult people around you, and disrespectful, He might never think of asking you out. Guys crave respect the most and when he sees he can’t get from you, he won’t take that step you want you to take.

5#. If you don’t take proper care of your body

Most guys easily get irritated, If you don’t take proper care of yourself, you don’t care about the pimples or eczema in your face, your hair is always unkempt and dirty. Some of your clothes are torn and while some are dirty. His interest will instantly die.

#6. If you are always forming hard to get

Most guys don’t tolerate nonsense, when they sense that your ego is too high, you unnecessary stress him, he will bullshit you for his pride even if he like you.

#7. If you are too obsessed with him and always evade his privacy

Guys love their privacy and you should learn to respect that. When you are too obsessed with him and he hardly has time to do others thing he loves, he may start giving you excuse why he is busy and he may never ask you out.

#8. If you are less conversational and engaging with talks.

When a guy has to always do the talking, you hardly contribute when he tries to have a meaningful conversation with you, you slowly kill his interest in you. You don’t have to be great at talking, you just need to make it a two communication. Show him that you are listening and you care about what he has to say by responding well and flowing with his conversation.

#9. When you have no plans, goal, or vision in your life

When you seem to be someone without a goal plan or vision in life, you live a confused and directionless life. Always have fun and live a lavish life, a serious guy won’t ask you out.

#10. If you have a bad reputation

When you have a bad reputation especially in the same community, A guy who likes you will not want to date you no matter how beautiful you are. Most guys won’t want to associate with you or even stain their reputation. Depending on what you are known for.

#11. If you hang around men a lot, especially those that are not related to you

A guy who likes you will assume you are date them or he might think you have something going on with them as such may not want to date you. Sometimes he may view you as cheap or even a prostitute.

#12. If he sees you as a lazy person

When a guy sees you as the lazy type, this will put him off, even when you manage to get into a relationship with him, it will look like that of a cat and rat and the relationship won’t last long.

All these things are things that may make a guy not to date you even when he like you. So ensure you don’t give in to such things.

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