Body parts that you will notice pain if blood sugar level is high


Do you know that high blood sugar can make you feel uncomfortable in certain parts of your body? Sugar, or glucose, has a number of beneficial effects on cells and organs, including the brain, but it may also lead to a host of negative side effects if it builds up in the blood or isn’t burned off. Maintaining a blood sugar level above normal can cause discomfort in a number of areas of the body.

Thus, in the view of a recent article published by the Mayoclinic, let’s take a look at some of the places in the body that could ache from high blood sugar. Take it easy while you learn something new.

What parts of your body could hurt if your blood sugar levels are too high?

Leg and foot discomfort are possible side effects of having high blood sugar for an extended period of time. Caused by prolonged high blood sugar levels, nerve damage in the legs and feet is a common sign of diabetes. The discomfort could become more severe if steps are not done to manage or stabilize blood sugar.


Second, your hands may start to hurt. High blood sugar levels only affect a select number of bodily parts, including the hands and legs, therefore this is also caused by diabetic nerve injury. Damage to the nerves in the hands can cause pain, numbness, and a burning feeling. Soreness in the hands is a common symptom of high blood sugar.

If blood sugar levels are severely high, nerve damage may occur in other parts of the body, causing pain and numbness.

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