Can Lack Of Regular Sex Cause Men To Have Prostate Cancer?


Prostate cancer is a health condition that affects only men, and there is a lot of controversy surrounding it due to age factors. According to Healthline, prostate cancer happens when there’s inflammation of the prostate.

When a man has it, he starts having problems with his urination and other severe health problems. Some people believe that regular sex can help men increase their chances of protecting their prostate from cancer.

One study reveals that men should have sex about 21 times a month. Another study reveals that men should have it seven times a week. A report from another study says that this only applies to men who are fifty years of age or older.

It’s currently unclear why regular sex can help men prevent prostate cancer. Some researchers believe that regular discharge of semen can help maintain prostate health by removing substances that can cause inflammation.

There are currently a lot of medical reports that support frequent ejaculation to protect the prostate. The controversy here is that some researchers believe that regular ejaculation is only age-related while other researchers don’t support it.

Some don’t believe that the age a man starts ejaculating is a factor that protects him from having prostate cancer. Some believe that the risk reduces when a man starts ejaculating early.

Although, as a man gets older, regular ejaculation can be a great benefit to his prostate health. A study done by doctors from Harvard revealed that ejaculating about twenty-one times a month can put you at a lesser risk of cancer than those who ejaculate just seven times a month.

However, prevention of prostate cancer may not be about regular sex alone. Your diet and lifestyle must be involved. You have to stop eating red meat and animal fat.

Start eating enough vegetables and fruits. Ensure that you are not exposed to environmental chemicals. If prostate cancer reaches an advanced stage, regular sex cannot serve as a cure for it anymore. Surgical treatment might be the final alternative.

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