Cleaning and disinfecting your poultry house


I will go straight to the point

To carry out this simple assignment and get rid of other living things that breathe in your kitchen,under your bed, below chairs,smoke out wall gecko,rodent and other minor insects,first thing to do is

Get some quantity of fresh moist Garlic about quarter tin milk and and grind it or match it,it wouldn’t be very Smoot,there would be some u blend partucles in it

Then add at least 5 teaspoon of salt inside the matched garlic and mix them together.

You have to be careful when mixing so you don’t inhale the unpleasant smell of the mixture and try as much as possible to put little by little on every spot corner of the house and lock up the room,let the reaction circulate the room while on lockdown for about 30minutes,they either run away or die after sometime,repeat the process the next day to be sure you have a better result, I’ve tried it and it was hundred

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