Dear Ladies, Here Are 4 Signs To Know If A Man Truly Loves You


I will be giving Tips on how you can when a man truly loves you or not. I have seen a lot of ladies in relationships which they even know if the Man truly loves them not. And there are some ladies that are not even yet into relationship but still doubting if they can try it because of their doubt on the love the man towards them. I have also seen so many ladies that confirmed the love of their Man because of the money he gives to them often and some because the man has a car or probably an iPhones, expensive dress and sort of, and they ended up entering in to a pit of deceit and doom of I may say. To avoid this from happening to the reader, here are four tips to be discussed below to know if your man truly loves you or not.

1. The Man’s behavior to you: This is the first stage and the most obvious way to realise if a man truly loves you or not. Even though one has to be careful at early stage because hospitality is not the full explanation of good behavior. Some men seems to be generous so as to get women into their trap, as Soon as they get what they want then you start seeing their true colour. Be very careful in examining man’s behavior to you so as to figure out if he truly loves you or not.

2. Comparing you to someone else: It should be made known to you that a man who truly loves you will in no way compare you with anyone. They will always love you for who you are. The worst they can do to is to correct you in Love and great affection; that is if they truly loves you. So, once a man start comparing you to another woman, you should know something is wrong. Well, they may live you but may not be a true or genuine one.

3.¬†Intimacy before marriage: A Man who truly loves you will be patient and not be too anxious or curious to have an intimacy with you. They will surely keep you and take care of you till the appointed and legal time meant for him to do that without anyone questioning him. When a man keep requesting for intimacy before marriage, I guess he doesn’t truly love you.

4. Scared of leaving you:¬†A Man who truly loves you won’t be satisfied with leaving you even if you do some things wrong but will rather endure and correct you in love till you change. Not only on his part but even on the other hand he won’t want you to walk away but will do anything to make you stay and have you by his side.

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