Dear Men, if you do these things, a woman will never forget you


Things said or done to a woman may have long-lasting consequences. She will never forget the time you made a snide remark about her mother or referred to her by her given name out of anger, the time you ignored her for no apparent reason, the time you didn’t text or call her because your friends were more important than her, and the times you didn’t do ladylike things like open her car door or walk her to her front door. Then she hands them off to the guy after that.

It’s true that women remember both the good and the unpleasant things men do or say to them.

Doing the following will guarantee that a woman will never forget you

One should always seem as if he is still trying to win a woman over, because she will never forget how he originally saw her.

Put aside some time to discuss any family matters that may affect the two of you.

Third, when she least expects it, surprise her with the regular gifts.

You can’t spoil her too much or she’ll always remember your kindness.

This is why you need to quit being so frugal and start lavishing your wife with more love and care. On your date, try something exciting. Having something will serve as a constant reminder of the excellent times you shared, even if you two eventually decide to stop seeing each other.

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