Dear Men, Love Isn’t All About Money. Here Are 4 Ways To Make Your Woman Love You More


Some men think that money is necessary to keep a relationship. But honestly, real love isn’t all about money. They are some qualities that if you lack them as a man you will always have issues with your woman even if you are the richest man on earth. Below are some 4 ways to make your woman love you more, without spending a dime:

1: Always have deep conversations with her about her future and always show genuine interest in her development. For example, If she’s a student, always try to give her words of encouragement when she’s down. Encourage her to read her books whenever she has an exam or even test. In fact, reduce the number of times you call her. Give her some time to focus on her studies. Relationship shouldn’t be all about exchanging romantic words with your woman, rather it should be about looking out for her and wanting the best for her in all her life endeavors.

2: Always compliment her: Every lady loves to be praised by her man. So, as a man, always try to hype your woman. Tell her how beautiful she is, how much she makes you happy, how you love her sense of fashion.

3: Try to be logical and understanding: There’s a thin line between been jealous and been overprotective. As a man, you’re allowed to get jealous when you see your woman with another man. But you have to be logical when doing so. For example, don’t be the type of man that always confront his women when he sees her with her male friends, neighbors, course mate and relatives.

4: Don’t disrespect her and when you do, lower your ego and apologize. Saying “I’m sorry” to your woman won’t take anything away from you. It only shows your level of maturity.

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