Dear men you can satisfy any woman by simply doing these things


The difficulty of any situation can be overcome in one way or another. Winning the approval of women isn’t easy, but there are steps you may take to make their lives better.


Unfortunately, there are some women who make it challenging for their male friends to offer them joy, which can be frustrating for the males in their life. To give up after a failed attempt is the same as not even making an effort.

Any woman’s life will have more meaning if she prioritizes and carries out the five tasks.

1) Tell her how much you value what she has done for you.

Most women feel anger when they believe they are no longer appreciated, which is a big contributor to their persistent appearance of depression. She might not think twice about spending time with you if you have a personality that is characterized by gratitude, and it might not be too difficult to make her happy if you do.

Make a financial commitment to her.

Do not wait for her to make a request before treating her to a date, buying her a gift, or taking her out to eat. Do not sit about and wait for her to ask for something in particular. If you care about someone, it’s crucial to show it, even if you don’t have a lot of money. You shouldn’t try to put her down or separate her from anyone. This is something she simply cannot tolerate. Spending a lot of money on her isn’t the way to make her happy, though it won’t hurt.

(3) referring to a hobby in a potential romantic pairing

It’s really exciting for a woman when a man shows interest in pursuing a romantic connection with her.

It’s possible that just scowling at her and complying with her demands won’t be enough to win her approval. Allow her to see the passionate part of you without interfering.

Considering this reverence, number four: respect for her

Laughing at her is very hurtful, so please refrain from doing so.

A woman might gain from being admired in a variety of ways. She may have a hard time finding someone to fill the void you leave in her heart and mind. You can freely express your gratitude and love to her without worrying about her retaliating in any way. It firstly grants you full authorization.

Let her to receive the praise she has earned for her many achievements.

Women should no longer be expected to serve as housekeepers, but rather to join men in their pursuits by offering assistance and joining them on their journeys. Let her know how much you appreciate her help by paying her back for the money she spent on your laundry. Despite having other obligations, she’s going out of her way to do these things for you because she takes pleasure in seeing your smile and wants nothing more than to make you happy.

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