Doctors Recommend Kidney Function Test Once You Begin To Notice These 6 Signs


The kidneys are situated in the lower right abdominal region. It controls fluid levels, removes toxins from the blood, activates vitamin D to keep bones strong, creates hormones to control blood pressure, releases hormones to promote red blood cell formation, and keeps mineral levels in check in the blood. This is why a patient with renal failure will eventually die if dialysis is not performed.

Most persons are ignorant of kidney illnesses, which are usually silent killers. Their symptoms don’t appear until the damage is too far gone to be treated. Diabetes, high blood pressure, and an unhealthy way of life are major contributors to kidney disease. In order to get help and treatment quickly, it is essential to be able to recognize the indications and symptoms.

Once you detect any of these 5 symptoms, a kidney function test is recommended by doctors, as stated on Healthline.

1. Alteration in the urinary system.

Renal illness manifests itself initially as a shift in urine output and frequency. Possible variation in urine quality. Urine’s normal light yellow hue may become darker. There may also be an overwhelming need to urinate. Urinating often is a common symptom of chronic renal disease.

2. There’s blood in the urine.

Do not disregard this warning sign of kidney illness. Prostate cancer or kidney disease are two possible causes. You need to get checked out by a doctor immediately.

3. The urine was so thick it was like foam.

Foamy urine is the result of protein leakage from the body. Urine contains a snapshot of what’s going on inside the body in the form of bacteria, sugar, proteins, and other things.

4. Embolus, or swelling.m

The kidney is the body’s primary filter, filtering out harmful substances including waste and excess fluid. Edoema, as well as puffiness and stiffness in the hands, can occur when waste and toxins build up due to impaired renal function. Sometimes this is referred to as edema.

5. Struggles with back or side pain.

Renal disease frequently manifests with back pain since the kidneys are situated in the side and back. Pain in the kidney may be caused by polycystic kidney disease, edoema, inflammation, infection, or malignancy. The sooner this symptom is brought to a doctor’s attention, the sooner kidney illness can be addressed.

6. Weakness, fatigue, and anemia.

One hormone that helps red blood cells carry oxygen across the body is called erythropoietin, and it’s made in the kidneys. Malfunction of this hormone leads to decreased production, which in turn reduces the body’s ability to make new red blood cells. This disease causes anemia and overall bodily weakness.

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