End Rats Reign in your home with this simple method


Rodents are very deadly creature in our household, these little creatures can destroy furnitures and Cause harmful disease in our homes if not carefully stopped.

One of the best way to end rat disturbing your home is with pawpaw.

The papaya leaf have been confirmed to reduce the sperm count of male rats, thereby reducing their rate of reproduction around the home.

Method of preparation

The Carica papaya (pawpaw) leaves should be air dried, crushed and ground into powder. The powdered leaves (600 g) are then boiled for 30 min with 5 litres of distilled water. The mixture was decanted and filtered whilst hot. The filtrate is allowed to cool and concentrate.

Then add it with baits like fish and bread in hidden areas where rats can be found around the house.

With the recent Coronavirus and Lassa fever infections one has to be careful with these creatures.

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