Foods You Should Eat After Sex To Regain Your Energy


You may burn more or less than the average of 60 to 100 calories during s£x, depending solely on how active your partner is. However, eating after intimacy has more to do with replenishing lost energy and nutrients than regaining the calories you lost.



It’s crucial to eat after lovemaking in order to maintain your improved mood, relaxed state, and increased strength.

While s£x can leave you feeling extremely satisfied or completely exhausted, eating after intimacy shouldn’t just consist of junk food or unhealthy foods; instead, if you want a repeat performance, healthy energy-giving food is essential.

According to Medicalnewstoday, here are foods you should eat after intimacy to regain your energy:

1. Apples



It is said that an apple a day keeps the doctor away, and now it has been discovered that one per day improves the s£x life of women by making the body more active and relaxed during and after s£x. An apple is preferably the best fruit you should think of after intimacy because it contains some essential nutrients that release some sensation into your body and make you even more relaxed than you already are.

2. Banana



After engaging in a strenuous action like s£x, the body loses nutrients that are then replaced by the nutrients found in bananas, iron, potassium, and calcium. Bananas are also crucial for the circulation of blood to the brain, and the potassium they contain helps prevent infection.

3. Watermelon



Watermelon sounds like a great option to replace water after lovemaking because it not only hydrates the body but also contains antioxidants that keep the good bacteria in your system functioning properly. Another reason to eat watermelon is the notion that the seeds give women a more fulfilling and enjoyable s£xual life.

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