Habits That Can Cause Breast Sagging


Breast ptosis is the medical term used to describe breast sagging. As a lady gets older, there is little or nothing she can do to control her breast from sagging. However, as a young lady, your saggy breasts could be a result of some poor habits you practice.



In this article, we would take a good look at some of the bad habits that can cause breast sagging, as highlighted by “Medicalnewstoday”.

1. Making use of incorrect bra size

It is far better to go without wearing a bra than to continuously put on a bra that is not your size.

According to research, a bra with insufficient support can make your breast sag over time. Get a bra that suits the size of your breast, so it can hold them up firmly.

2. Tobacco use

According to Medicalnewstoday, The more you smoke as a lady, the more your tissues lose their rigidity. The breast ligament is not exempted. Smoking also accelerates aging. The moment you start aging fast, your breast is more likely to start sagging.

3. A lack of water consumption

Drinking plenty of water helps to cleanse the body of infections and other ailments. Drinking too little water can cause the skin to become rough and, result in sagging breasts.

4. Lack of exercise

The muscles underneath the breast need to be exercised. However, the breast itself does not have any muscles. Find out those exercises that can raise your breast naturally.

5. Consistent weight gain and loss

If you continually gain or lose weight, your breasts will suffer. The skin loses its elasticity when stretched. Because the breasts are mostly fat, the first place you’ll notice a difference if you lose weight is in your breasts.

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