Health Dangers Of Abstaining From Sex


Lovemaking is one of the activities that most people who are in a committed relationship look forward to engaging in. The “why” behind the involvement of people who engage in physical intimacy may be different but the endpoint is almost same.

Inasmuch lovemaking creates emotional bond between partners, there are other inherent benefits attached to the act.

According to the information revealed by WebMD on the subject matter of lovemaking, irrespective of the reason behind choosing not to partake in intimacy, the following are bound to take place when you abstain from lovemaking:

1. You may likely feel more anxious. Medically, even though the last thing one may think of is intimacy when feeling stressed, getting involved in it can reduce your anxiety level because, lovemaking lessen the amount of hormones the body releases in response to stress.

2. Your heart may not function as it ought to. According to research, those who engage in physical intimacy once or less in a month are more likely to develop heart related diseases than those who make love to their partners once or twice in a week.

3. You may have less exercise. Among other things, lovemaking serves as a means of exercise to those who may not have the time to engage in other routine workouts. Not getting involved in intimacy can deny one the opportunity of burning about 5 calories in a minute.

4. It may lead to forgetfulness. Intimacy provides the health benefit of memory boosting. This is particularly related to those who are between the ages of 50 – 89.

5. It may weaken your immune system. According to available medical information, involvement in intimacy on weekly basis boosts the functionality of the immune system compare to those who have less of it.

6. It may affect the healthiness of the prostate (for men). Men who have less intimacy are more prone to having prostate cancer than those who frequently get into lovemaking.

7. You may experience less sleep. Medical experts have revealed that, physical intimacy serves the benefit of releasing special hormones that enhance restful sleep.

8. It may make you to have High Blood Pressure (HBP) because, Intimacy is said to help keep the blood pressure down.

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